The first mini album “bokura” by Hec & Pascal
will be getting its CD release this spring!

Included are “Kaze ga Fuiteru” the theme song of the TV drama “Nazo no Tenkousei”,
and “booker” the ending song of Iwai Shunji’s short animation “TOWN WORKERS” of course,
we bring to you additionally “Tomei Ningen” by Shiina Kotone with her Ukulele and powerful lyrics
“Yume” written, composed, and mixed by Kuwabara Mako,
“Neko to Tsuki” a collaboration work between Shiina Kotone and Kuwabara Mako,
a truly demonstrative work by Hec & Pascal!

Hec & Pascal’s first mini album “bokura” will be release in the spring on March 18th (wed)!

■Hec & Pascal 1st mini AL “bokura”■
2015.03.18 Release
PECF-3135 / ¥1,500+tax
SONGS : Kaze ga Fuiteru / bokura / Yume / Tomei Ningen / Neko to Tsuki (5 songs)

“Bokura” Recording Session!


In commemoration of the release of the second single “Bokura”,
karihere is a video from the recording back in July!

Hec & Pascal’s second single, “Bokura” is now released in the iTunes Store,
Amazon, and other music sites!

■ Hec & Pascal “Bokura” iTunes Page
■ Hec & Pascal “Bokura” Amazon Page

Kuwabara “He gave us a thumbs up! (lol)”

“Kaze ga Fuiteru” Live version


Actor/Singer Songwriter Shiina Kotone, Composer/Pianist Kuwabara Mako,
and film director Iwai Shunji form the music unit Hec & Pascal.
You may know them most as the creators of the song “Kaze ga Fuiteru” which was the insert song
for the TV drama “Nazo no Tenkousei”.

We present to you the live version of “Kaze ga Fuiteru”!
The nostalgic images of a high school music room are brought to you by director Iwai Shunji.
Please enjoy the free and flowing vocals and piano, more so wonderful as a live performance.

“Kaze ga Fuiteru” Release on June 4th!


“Kaze ga Fuiteru” by Hec & Pascal, which was used as the insert song for the TV drama “Nazo no Tenkousei”.
One hardly ever comes in contact with such an unique voice and a rare name such as <Hec & Pascal>

A trio unit of actor/singer songwriter Shiina Kotone, composer/pianist Kuwabara Mako,
and film director Iwai Shunji make up the music unit <Hec & Pascal>.
All members write their own songs and are creating music in a free and borderless style.
Coming together from different fields and backgrounds, the three are “unforeseeable” in a good way.
Don’t miss their next move!

Their debut single “Kaze ga Fuiteru” is getting limited online release today June 4th!

And together with the release, we are also releasing the music video!
The director of the music video is of course, Iwai Shunji. Otherwise known as Pascal.

Also at the Iwai Shunji Film Festival we are showing the live version of “Kaze ga Fuiteru”!

And the official Hec & Pascal Twitter and Facebook have started as well!

Kaze ga Fuiteru
Score/Lyrics: Iwai Shunji
Arrangement: Kuwabara Mako
Vocal: Shiina Kotone


Don’t miss this!

“Kaze ga Fuiteru” by Hec & Pascal is available online at the iTunesStore, Amazon,
and other music sites from June 4th!

<Hec & Pascal>
A singer with a youthful but also motherly warmth, along with an eloquent piano instrumental,
creates an one and only world with its immense story-sense. Singer songwriter/actor Shiina Kotone, composer/pianist Kuwabara Mako, and film director Iwai Shunji – a trio different in genre and generation came together in 2013.
Their first song,“Kaze ga Fuiteru” was heard on the air with the TV drama “Nazo no Tenkousei”(2014) where it garnered much attention.
With all of the unit’s members being composers themselves, the unit strives for a free and yet unseen style of music.


Shiina Kotone

A student at Tama University of the Arts, studying Film Media and Theater, she is also an actress/singer songwriter. Her screen debut was Director Yamashita Nobuhiro’s “Ayres Rock”.
She continued to work freelance in film, TV dramas, music videos and stage productions. In 2013, she signed on with Areno Productions.
From 2012, she began creating music on her own and later recognized by Rip Slyme’s MC Pess, DJ Fumiya and Iwai Shunji, she begins her official music activities.
Presently along with her individual activities, she participates as part of “Hec & Pascal”, a unit with director Iwai Shunji and composer Kuwabara Mako.
She starred in “Nazo no Tenkousei” as Ota Kumi, and also sang the song used in the series, “Kaze ga Fuiteru”.


Kuwabara Mako

Born 1987, graduating from the Tokyo National University of the Arts with a degree in composition. Starting her musical career at an early age, she won the Silver Medal in the Japan Junior Electronic Organ Competition and was chosen as the organ player for Argo Music. She was also chosen to compose for the Toei Production animation, “Jyoseito”. Mako’s recent work includes the opening BGM for “Mezamashi TV 2014″, TV drama “Nazo no Tenkousei”, “Naitara Akande Tsutenkaku”, the film “To-ku de Zutto Sobani Iru”, “Double Sky”, the commercial “Meiji Chocolate” “Toshiba FlashAir”, “Kit Kat Grand Wafer”, the theme song for “Columbus’ Kitchen”, the stage production “PERSONA3~ao no kakusei”, “PERSONA 4 the EVOLUTION”, musical “emptyresord~karappo”, and more. Her professional pianist credits include “Fantastics” the musical , “Dracula” the musical, the one-man show “Ooizumi One-man Show”, and the film “Tantei Wa Bar Ni Iru”. Mako has also worked as a musical assistant, rehearsal director, and teacher for numerous musicals and films.