[vol.10 friends after 3.11]
Kitagawa Eriko & Matsuda Miyuki Complete Version


Ms. Kitagawa, Ms. Matsuda, Chairman Iwai.
Friends as well, this three shot is a screenwriter, actress, and director.
Speaking their mind and way of life, this is more a discussion than a simple interview.
It is one where the people's voices resonate.

topic0201_4.jpgEveryone says it's fine. But no one knows that for sure.
There's always going to be a negative effect, and we don't know if we can withstand that.
That's why I want people to understand why I'm scared of radiation.
You can view these on Vol.10.

topic0201_10.jpgKitagawa Eriko


Born 1961. A graduate of Waseda University with a degree in Literature and Philosophy. After working in development at Nikkatsu Studios, she then left to become a freelance screenwriter.
Her major works include "Sugao no Mamade (1992)", "Asunaro Hakusho (1993)", "Aishiteru to Ittekure (1995)", "Long Vacation (1996)", "Beautiful Life (2000)", "Orange Days (2004)".
In 2009 she undertook writing the script and directing for the feature film "Halfway".
Her essay collection "Ai no koto. Koi no koto" is now on sale.


Yoshiwara Tuyoshi's video will be available 2/15.